SYNCRO has developed stand alone and centralized conveying system to be automatically integrated into all the SYNCRO blenders Family. Based on commercial modular PLC electronics, ensures simple integration along with all SYNCRO machines.

  • Easy and flexible system for future expansion in adding pumps and receivers in all sizes
  • Easy and economic application/commissioning of the Synet
  • Easy to program after installation only by HC
  • Dedicated and specific programs for material handling
  • Prepared for future supervision
  • Possible to up grade with twin piston valve line cleaning
  • Possible to up grade with the digital panel display
  • Possible to up grade with discharge level sensor or continuous level sensor to determinate the material quantity inside the hopper

Future developments

  • Blower Speed control according to material types
  • Two vacuum units loading material from the same manifold branch
  • Bar code systems to identify quickly & easily material information
  • Interface with dryer to turn off heating to save energy



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